Federal Artillery

The Federal Artillery is the Union Artillery unit of the RACW

During the early years of the war, the Union army reorganized its artillery to have one type of cannon for each battery. This made re-supply, training, and operations much easier. When two or more artillery batteries were formed together in the Union army they formed an Artillery Brigade. The Federal Artillery portrays the XI Corps Artillery Brigade which consists of the following artillery batteries:

  • 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery "K" that fields a 12 pdr. bronze Napoleon cannon and limber. This is the largest cannon in use on the west coast.
  • 13th New York Independent Artillery Battery that fields a 3" Ordnance Rifle and Limber.
  • 5th U.S. Artillery, Battery "D" that fields and uses a 10 LB Parrott Rifle cannon and Limber.

These are the three most common types of cannon used during the Civil War and we are the only unit on the west coast that has this complete selection of cannon types in use.

We are a "family oriented" group that trains and uses all members in the different roles of an artillery group. Further, many of members also do a "first person impression" of the Civil War artillerymen.

Federal Artillery Officers

Chief of Artillery, XI Corps Artillery Brigade Commander - Major Don LaPorta

1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery "K" - Captain Rick LaPorta

13th Independent Artillery Battery - 1st Lt. Tom Merro

5th US Artillery, Battery "D" - Captain Craig Poundstone