Confederate Brigade

We re-enact in Northern California.To contact unit commanders the software requires that you write something in the message box below and include your town and state.

Confederate Brigade Staff - Commanded by Lt. Colonel Joseph Allison

3rd Arkansas Infantry - Commanded by Rifleman "Two Buck Willie" (interim)

1st Texas Infantry - Commanded by Captain Steve Duran

42nd Virginia Infantry - Commanded by Captain Henry Wagner

8th Alabama Infantry - Commanded by Captains Jeff Mann and Kayla Mann, 1st Lieutenant Aron Dalbec

Hurt's Battery - Commanded by Captain Jeff Holtzclaw

Here's to proud Virginia, the Carolinas, too. To the bold hearts come from Texas brave, all men forever true. But the boys who stood up proudest then, fair Alabama's sons, To Billy Hurt's brave Bama Boys, To Billy Hurt's Big Guns!