Start Here!

Below are copies of our safety rules. If you are attending an RACW event only then you only need to be aware of the RACW. If you wish to attend multiple events from several organizations then please be aware of the PACWR rules as well.

Below are the RACW's Bylaws and Policies & Procedures. If you are interested in how the RACW is organized and the rules associated with the board and interaction of brigades then please feel free to download and peruse at your leisure.

Join the RACW

To have a completed Membership Application with the RACW you will need:

1 - Fill out the membership form

2 - Fill out a safety test or safety waiver (please refer to your unit commander for information)

3 - Pay online, cash, or check your RACW annual dues.

We welcome our minors to join us with parental permission. If the parent or guardian will not be present then please fill out the temporary guardianship form below. If the soldier is 10 or 11 years old then please fill out the Cadet Duty form below

***The RACW is allowing a safety rules waiver to be used by anyone who is in a non-combatant role (whether on or off the battlefield) or anyone who serves as a private. If you are an NCO, Officer, ground charges technician, or any other special duty then you MUST take the full safety test.***

Visiting Reenactors


We welcome all of our visiting reenactors to our events and are pleased that you have come to join us! Please ensure that you bring with your membership card from your home organization to show that you are safety tested. Also, please fill out a visitor reenactor form upon arrival at our event site.

School Documents

Please be aware that for the RACW to bring firearms onto the campus we will need a firearms display waiver signed by the administration of the school in quesiton.

Our Field Trip Report is currently being updated to reflect the new Common Core Standards. Please be patient as we revamp our program.