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To Arms! To Arms!

     Well, for the purpose of this article, TO HORNS! TO HORNS! The Fort Point Garrison Brass Band was established in 2005. 2020 is our 15th anniversary. This Civil War reenactment band performs on authentic, period horns. We've performed as a Union band, a Confederate band, and as a civilian "town" band. The FPGBB has played at reenactments, balls, living history events, dances, and Duncans Mills, Gibson Ranch, Old Town Sacramento, Fresno, Fort Point, Gettysburg, Virginia City, Dog Island, and Monterey, just to name a few venues. We are a registered non-profit educational group.

     Over the years the band has had a variety of musicians rehearse and perform with us (36 or so), and now carries a roster of 9 (about the size of an actual Civil War brass band). We currently stand at one Eb cornet, two Bb cornets, two Eb alto horns, one Bb tenor baritone, one Bb tenor trombone, and two tubas. We hail from Chico, the Bay Area, Stockton, Hollister, Nevada, Ahwanee, and Grass Valley.

     The Fort Point Garrison Brass Band is always seeking new musicians and talent. Our period, antique horns can be provided for any musicians interested in "trying us out,"
rehearsing with us, or performing with us. We can outfit musicians with uniforms, too, if necessary...though reenactors reading this probably have their own kit.

     If anyone is interested in playing with a Civil War band, on authentic horns, with period Civil War music please contact our president, Doug Thompson, at or (831) 207-2796.

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