2016 Calendar

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[Events from other clubs will be added as they are received]

The Calendar lists RACW events as well as other events that members of the RACW might wish to attend.

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Artillery units not belonging to the RACW are reminded that approval to participate in an RACW event must be obtained in advance from the Chief of Artillery of the appropriate RACW brigade.
Chief of Artillery CSA:
Chief of Artillery USA:


January 2016

  9-10 - 72d NY Day of the Soldier, Los Molinos, CA
16 - RACW Board of Directors Meeting, Rabo Bank, Red Bluff, CA


February 2016

  6 - Marysville Historical Day, Marysville, CA

13 - RACW Sweetheart Ball, Veterans' Hall, Red Bluff, CA


March 2016

  5-6 - RACW Recruiting Event: Redding Gun Show, Redding, CA
  5-6 - RACW Recruiting Event: Redding Sport and RV Show, Redding, CA
12 - RACW Board of Directors Meeting, Rabo Bank, Red Bluff, CA
  12-13 - RACW Recruiting Event: Redding Spring Home and Garden Show, Redding, CA

18-20 - RACW School of the Soldier/Tactical, Hawes Ranch, Anderson, CA



April 2016

16 - Red Bluff Parade, Red Bluff, CA
22-24 - RACW Dog Island Event, Red Bluff, CA, School Day on Friday, Event Coordinator:


May 2016

14 - RACW Board of Directors Meeting, Rabo Bank, Red Bluff, CA
20-22 or 27-29 - RACW Yreka Event, Yreka, CA
  21 - Redding Rodeo Parade, Redding, CA

28 - Memorial Day Salute, Willows, CA


June 2016

  17- 19 - Recruiting Event: Shasta District Fair, Anderson, CA


July 2016


2-3 - RACW Graeagle Event, Graeagle, Ca

9- RACW Board of Directors Meeting, Rabo Bank, Red Bluff, CA


August 2016



September 2016

  3 - Tehama Couty Museum Jubilee, Los Molinos, CA

9-11 - Marysville Event, Marysville, CA


Admittance fee is $10 per adult, Children 12 and under free. 

Battles are at: 
        Saturday 12 noon and 2 p.m. 
        Sunday 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. 
        Camps open  9 a.m.   Saturday and Sunday

Spectator chairs would be nice, but not required. Most spectators will sit/stand on the berm above the battlefield or sit on the pavilion area.

Marysville event will be held Sept 9 -11, 2016 at River Front Park Marysville (map included here). Site set up from Noon on thursday Sept 8, tear down by 6 pm on Sunday Sept 11. School dayFriday Sept 9, 9 am to 2 pm. Water hose bibs on site, firewood for ABOVE GROUND fires (they won't let us dig any holes!)..Porta potties and two existing bathrooms. Lots and Lots of area for campsites, adjacent but out of sight reenactor parking. Some camp sites next to Feather River bank. We are expecting up to 2500 spectators for Saturday and Sunday. All visiting reenactor clubs welcome with the usual  club membership cards.... as usual, no charge to visiting clubs. We are still looking to hire two visiting cannons... we pay bounty of $250 -$300 per cannon for two day event slightly more if you can make it to the school day. This brand new first year event promises to be a lot of fun. Everyone welcome. Please call/email Dan Baldwin 530-277-7712 whisperingdan@comcast.net

10 - Tehama Jubilee Event

! ! ! ! Attention to all leaders of Regiments and Brigades! ! ! !,

  We have the amazing opportunity to participate in the 2016 Tehama Jubilee to do some very effective campaigning and recruiting for Hawes!  

  If you are unable to attend the incredible Marysville Event, here is another "one day" event option! 
  We are needing some volunteers to represent your regiment to invite and recruit!! We want to build up the R.A.C.W.? Well, this is another way to work together to get this done. 

                                Schedule is as follows....

Date: September 10th 2016

Place: Tehama Museum in Tehama 

Set up is between 7:am to 9:am.  
Break down is at 3:pm
17 - RACW Board of Directors Meeting, Rabo Bank, Red Bluff, CA
  17-18 - Recruiting Event: Dairyville Orchard Festival, Los Molinos, CA
  22-23 - Recruiting Event: Tehama County District Fair, Red Bluff, CA

29-Oct 2 - Hawes Ranch Event, Anderson, CA

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  • Reenactor setup starting on Wednesday, Sept 28 at noon.
  • Thursday is media day-9 am to noon.
  • Friday is school day from 9 am to late afternoon
  • Saturday camps open at 10 am, battles 12 and 4, after that there are the RACW elections, pot luck dinner and club meeting.
  • Sunday camps open at 9 am, battles 11 and 2.


October 2016



  22-23 - RACW Recruiting Event: Chico Fall Home and Garden Show, Chico, CA


November 2016

12 - RACW Board of Directors Meeting, Rabo Bank, Red Bluff, CA
  12 - RACW Recruiting Event: Shasta Lake Veterans Parade, Shasta Lake, CA


December 2016

hand 10 - RACW Winter Ball, Red Bluff, CA